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Dental trouble often comes in stages. For teeth, tooth decay is a minor disaster. Perhaps the easiest of cures, fillings restore cavities for a very extended period, if not a lifetime. Put off or fail to recognize a cavity, and you head up the stages to other sorts of dentistry problems and the cures that restore them. Our Chico dentists are prepared to assist you with all sorts of restoration, from filling cavities to crafting brand new teeth with dental implants. Consider these restoration therapies for your own dental needs:

Dental Fillings

A cavity is made when the enamel is breached by decay. A filling treatment removes the decay and fixes the tooth.

Dental Crowns - Same Day CEREC Primescan

Crowns or “caps” go over a tooth that is so compromised that a filling, inlay or onlay will not repair the decay. Crowns come in a variety of natural-looking materials.

With our new CEREC Primescan intraoral scanner, we’ve taken the process from days and weeks down to just a few hours. Within a single visit, you’ll be walking out of the dentist with a crown that is both durable and fits well over your damaged tooth. One of our highly qualified dentists will use the device to scan your teeth and take a digital impression. Primescan allows us to capture an incredibly accurate 3D scan of your entire jaw in under a minute.  Your dentist will digitally generate a design of your restoration. You will even be able to see a preview of what your future tooth will look like. This digital design is then brought to life via our CEREC milling machine that 3D prints the crown, personalized for your tooth. Finally, the dentist will process the 3D generated crown and apply it to your damaged tooth.


Dental Bridge

If one or many teeth are missing a bridge repairs the gap by using teeth on either side of the missing one. Dental implants may be used, however, to attach a bridge repairing multiple teeth.


Dental Implants

Many restorations are made more secure and helpful to your oral health with dental implants. Dental implants are the restorative gold standard for a number of serious reasons. Whenever possible, dental implants are used by our Chico dentists to restore missing teeth.



These are not your elderly relative’s false teeth. Dentures have far more options due to modern dental technology, including attachment with dental implants. With implants, you don’t rely on glues or springs — the dentures “snap in” or “snap on”. Some dentures are even placed permanently with dental implants. The options are many, so visit and learn more about it here.



When a tooth is damaged on the inside, either due to trauma, infection or both, endodontic therapies are necessary. From root canal therapies to crack repair, the purpose of endodontics is keeping your original tooth, perhaps even for a lifetime. Since the best tooth is truly the original, saving a tooth via endodontics is almost always your first course of action.

Full Mouth Restoration

In some cases, no solitary restoration treatment is enough to restore the problems with your teeth. In this case, a full mouth restoration is required, using a selection of the treatments discussed above.


Veneers come from a number of dental labs and manufacturers. An appliance that is actually secured to the front of the teeth to cover blemishes, veneers are strong and enduring. Certain materials require almost no preparation of the existing teeth.

When your teeth are relatively healthy, but have unsightly imperfections, the solution may be applying dental veneers. Our Chico dentists offer both traditional porcelain veneers and the newer, thinner, patented product Lumineers. While porcelain veneers are more economical, Lumineers are easier to install and require less or no preparation of your teeth. Please continue to view the website of the Yellowstone Family Dentistry for more information about the benefits of either procedure.