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Patient Reviews from Chico and Butte County - Yellowstone Family Dentistry

We at Yellowstone Family Dentistry are committed to our patients.  Our desire to build lasting lifelong relationships is reflected in wonderful client testimonials.  We proudly serve dental patients throughout Butte County, Orland, Paradise, and Chico!

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Dr. Saunders and Dr. Lim are meticulous in their work and are comfortable to talk to. I've had crowns on my front teeth since age 16. Three dentists treated me prior to Yellowstone Family Dentistry. Now that I am 63 Dr. Saunders has replaced the crowns with 3 implants. My teeth haven't felt this natural since my twenties!

Jill - Chico

My two year old little girl was in need of some rather intensive dental work. She needed caps and some fillings. She has had problems with her front teeth since she was very young. I had been seeing another dentist in town, even thought she did not accept my insurance. She was also not authorized to perform the necessary work my daughter needed, since she would need to be under anesthesia in a hospital setting. I had two other consultations and was so unsure of both. I was finally led to Yellowstone Family Dentistry by another dentist. This was wonderful. Not only did they accept my insurance (Healthy Families Deltal Dental) they have hospital rights, and my daughter really liked the facility, and all of the staff. This was such a breakthrough for us. We saw Dr. Saunders and she performed the necessary work my daughter needed at the Skyway Surgery Center. My daughter came out of the surgery with flying colors. Her recovery was fast and she is doing great. Dr. Saunders and all of the staff were so kind and helpful! The surgery center is a wonderful facility. They all really made a difference for my daughter, and for us. I would recommend Yellowstone Family Dentistry to anyone looking for a wonderful dentist and a great experience.

Kati - Paradise

I would like to thank you for fixing my teeth and for the card of course. Thank you again.

Note sent to Enloe Outpatient Center from a pedo surgery patient

The staff at Yellowstone Family Dentistry has achieved a high standard for patient safety, they are truly an example of the meaning - putting patients first!

Tom Terry
Axion Consulting
Patient Safety Experts

My name is Ann. My daughter had surgery, her name is Dani and I just want to say that the whole staff did an excellent job keeping Dani happy and safe during surgery. Dr. Saunders was wonderful. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done. Not only did they really help my daughter in recovery, they went as far as mailing her shoe back. The card they sent was also really wonderful and it made me feel like they really cared about my daughter and her care. She is doing really wonderful and I appreciate everything that everyone has done. Thank you very much.

Sent by Ann, the mother of a patient seen at the surgery center

They are very professional, but also very personable. They are great people! I have been going there for a few years.

This is from a review posted on Angie's List
Our patient also gave us all A's on his evaluation of our services!

Thank you Dr. Saunders & Dr. Lim and everyone at Yellowstone Family Dentistry for all of your hard work! Thank you for putting up with me & my un-numbable mouth :). You guys are awesome!

Carie (2 days after extraction of wisdom tooth)

Dr. Lim,

Thank you! for taking such great care of my son.

Written by Monica, the mother of one of our surgery center kids