Eddie - Yellowstone Family Dentistry in Chico, CA

My name is Eduardo Partida, most people call me Eddie. I was born and raised in chico ca  I stepped into the world of dentistry right out of high school where I worked as a receptionist for an office in Chico. I worked my way to the back and started assisting not long after that and I have been doing this ever since. I love meeting new patients and making them laugh where they would usually be scared or nervous. I love that everyday I’m always learning something new and everyday is different.

I like to spend my free time with my huge family, especially my uncles. I like going to the gym regularly to unwind and help me stay physically healthy and fit. I love watching classic movies from the 80’s especially bruce lee movies. I am a black belt in Karate and hope to get back into that again one of these days. I hope to visit Madrid one day and explore more places and learn and experience new things around the world.

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