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Hospital Dentistry

Yellowstone Family Dentistry Offers Hospital Dentistry in Chico CA

Do you have a child with extreme anxiety or with special needs? If so, you may want to consider the benefits of hospital dentistry! This form of dental care is an excellent and safe alternative for patients who cannot tolerate traditional in-office dentistry.

 At Yellowstone Family Dentistry, our dedicated and loving staff is proud to be one of the very few dental offices in Chico and Butte County that can provide hospital dentistry as an option to patients thanks to Dr. Lim and Dr. Saunders having privileges at several facilities in the Chico area that patients can be treated at.   

What is hospital dentistry?

Hospital dentistry is the collaboration between medicine and dentistry to allow patients with medical conditions and other limitations to receive necessary dental care for their overall health. Comprehensive dental care is administered under general anesthesia, making a normally difficult appointment a very simple one for anxious patients. A comprehensive exam, films, and cleaning are completed first to determine the extent of treatment necessary. Once treatment is determined everything is completed while patient is asleep under general anesthesia in one appointment.

This may include:

• White Composite Fillings
• Extractions
• Dental Spacers
• Stainless steel Crowns
• Porcelain Faced Stainless Steel Crowns
• Pulp Therapy

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